For businesses that are ready to take BI into the cloud, a solution like ORBIT Analytics can offer critical benefits. This article will discuss those benefits in detail and provide some of the main reasons why organizations are moving towards a cloud-based BI solution.


Many business decision-makers have been won over by the cloud’s promises of scalability, low overhead and strong potential for remote collaboration. With more and more companies moving to cloud applications, it only makes sense to pull data from multiple clouds into one cloud-based business intelligence solution.


For businesses that are ready to take their BI into the cloud, a solution like ORBIT Analytics Cloud can offer some critical benefits, including the following:


1. Cost-efficient flexibility


“Affordability is one of the cloud’s greatest allures.”


Affordability is one of the cloud’s greatest allures, and it’s a benefit that didn’t miss cloud-based BI. Consider this: Rather than taking the time, effort and money to reconfigure IT infrastructure to support a new, more effective BI solution, you could simply purchase the number of ORBIT Cloud licenses based on the number of users in your company. The upfront expenses are lower, and because no extra strain is put on your IT infrastructure, so are recurring maintenance costs.


This degree of cost-efficient scalability makes a solution with a low total cost of ownership like ORBIT Analytics Cloud an invaluable asset to any business.

Cloud BI affordably and effectively utilizes all of your organization’s data.


2.  Simplified solution maintenance

Speaking of low total cost of ownership, customers benefit from low maintenance cost as all the patching and critical security updates happen automatically with a cloud-based BI solution without requiring efforts of in-house IT specialists.


In an age when IT staff are already overburdened by the increasing demands being placed on IT infrastructure, automated solution maintenance is a welcome change. Pair that with a flexible, subscription-based pricing model, and it becomes incredibly clear why the market for cloud-based analytics is expected to soar to $23 billion by 2020, up five fold from the $7.5 Billion in 2015. From the boardroom to the server room, cloud-based BI is an enticing offer. Additionally, the ability to hold the latest insights in the palm of your hand is extremely beneficial to the lines of business. In other words, everyone comes out ahead.


3. Access BI from Anywhere

It’s one thing to be able to create insightful business reports that will enhance operational efficiency and improve the likelihood of better business outcomes. It’s another thing entirely to be able to do this from any device through cloud apps on the way to a client meeting halfway across the country. The ability to access reports from any location and on nearly any internet-enabled device is a huge boon to the mobile worker’s productivity. Cloud-based BI does just this, and then takes the mobile enterprise a step further by allowing workers to securely manage company data, analyze it and then share it through an intuitive mobile interface in the form of custom, interactive dashboards. If you want to empower a mobile workforce, a BI solution like ORBIT Analytics Cloud is the way to go. With fast, intuitive collaboration and mobile-enabled analytics dashboards, sharing insight has never been so easy.


If you’re looking for these qualities in a BI solution, and you’re ready to migrate your analytics endeavors to the cloud, then contact ORBIT Analytics today.


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