Business Analytics

Make Strategic Decisions Informed by Facts to Improve Your Business Performance

Business Analytics

Orbit is a self-service business analytics solution. It empowers you to analyze and interpret your data – while maintaining the tight data governance controls that your IT department requires.

You have more data at your disposal than ever.

When you leverage business analytics, you can achieve benefits such as increased product innovation, customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and revenue. According to a Harvard Business Review study, 76% of managers found superior analytics helped them improve their planning and forecasting. Meanwhile, 82% of managers found that sound analytics significantly improved their decision-making.

Companies are turning to analytics solutions to pull all of their data together and present it in formats that are easy to understand and explore. However, many still rely on incomplete facts when they make important business decisions. For example, your analytics platform might not connect with all of your data sources – making it impossible for you to perform descriptive analytics that take advantage of the wealth of historical data in your applications.

Also, many analytics solutions are so complex that you need to get help from IT whenever you want to extract data. This often results in decision-making delays, as you wait for data.

Orbit breaks down data silos and unifies information from all of your data sources. This tight, multi-dimension, multi-data-source integration provides you with meaningful business analytics that allow you to quickly spot trends and identify opportunities.

Use Self-Service Business Analytics to Accelerate Your Results

Orbit’s self-service analytics give you the flexibility to interpret data without reliance on IT. Simply log into Orbit using your ERP credentials or Orbit user profile. Then, you can analyze any data that pertains to your role.

You can also explore reports, dashboards, charts, and other visualizations. Gaining access to all of your reports and visuals – all in one location – helps you extract meaningful insights and take data-driven action.

Descriptive Analysis For Business Users

Since Orbit integrates with all of your business systems, you can organize, compare, and visualize data from sources across your company – including your ERP, accounting, CRM, marketing automation, human resources, and other systems. You can also develop custom, granular views of your data, and drill down for detailed information.

With Orbit, you can quickly identify previously unknown data relationships. Uncovering insights from the past helps you shape your future results.

Maintain Strong IT Governance

You don’t need to put your security at risk when you give users access to self-service business analytics.

Orbit integrates with your ERP and other critical platforms– making enforcement of your data governance automatic. Users can log in with their existing roles and then view reports or analyze data. This integration allows you to uphold your unique data governance rules. You can also manage roles and user profiles directly within Orbit.

With Orbit, IT administrators can maintain their data security policies and compliance. At the same time, they won’t need to hold users’ hands to perform actionable data analysis. Empowering users with self-service analytics can free up your IT team, so they can refocus their time on other initiatives. Research shows that self-service analytics can reduce your support costs by 60 percent per user.

Achieve High-Performance Data Analysis

Orbit’s multidimensional drill paths allow for high-performance data analysis. You can model content per your business requirements to get the exact information you need – exactly when you need it.

You can view information from flat files, as well as any database that complies with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) standards.

Make Data-Driven Predictions

Orbit helps you discover patterns and trends in your data.

You can use these insights to predict the outcomes of future events. Learn more about how Orbit empowers you with predictive analytics.