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Take Control of Your Business Reporting and Analytics

For Business Roles

With Orbit Reporting and Analytics, you can stop going to IT every time you want to aggregate, report on, and analyze your data. Orbit’s self-service reporting makes it easy for you to get the data that you need – exactly how and when you need it.

Today’s businesses run on data.

But obtaining, reporting on, and analyzing data so that you can make everyday decisions is often a frustrating experience.

For example, you may need to put in a request with IT whenever you want to run a business, operational, or ad-hoc report. Then, you need to wait days – or weeks – for a response. And worse yet, the information is often incomplete with some of your key data sources missing. But you can’t afford to wait when you and your boss need answers now.

Orbit Reporting and Analytics allows you to view and analyze your data in real-time so that you can base your decisions on facts – not on hunches.

Real-time Reporting Provides Facts for Decision Making

Ask Any Business Question and Get a Complete, Real-Time Answer

Orbit automatically syncs with your key systems, including your ERP, CRM, and Microsoft Office. With just a few clicks, you can transform data from your company’s cloud and on-premise applications into useful reports and analytics.

You can also use your data as the basis for interactive charts, graphs, and other visuals that help you quickly see what is happening across your company.

Say “So Long!” to Information Overwhelm

Orbit won’t paralyze you with tons of data that doesn’t mean anything to you. You log into Orbit using your ERP credentials, so you will only see information that is relevant to your role.

In addition, Orbit’s intelligent query generator narrows down the results in your reports. Most tools include every table from the underlying database in your query – which can overwhelm you with data. Orbit’s intelligent query generator only presents the data that you need for your analysis.

Quickly, Easily Run Operational and Ad-Hoc Reports

You don’t need to submit a ticket to IT every time you want to run or change a report. Orbit’s self-service interface makes it easy for you to take control of your business reporting.

For example, you can run an operational report to view your monthly sales numbers and see if you will hit your targets.

Do you want to know how many employees have requested time off during the holidays? Simply run an ad-hoc report to learn if you need to reallocate your resources.

You can even schedule reports to run in the future. Orbit’s scheduler allows you to run reports based on a pre-determined frequency, such as a specific day or the week or month.

Make Sense of Your Data, At a Glance

With Orbit, you’re not limited to a snapshot of your data.

You can click reports, charts, dashboards, and other visuals to drill down for more details. Start at summary level and click to dive to the lowest, most detailed level of data.

You can also run business reports from the programs that you use every day, such as Excel or your ERP. Choose from reports that you have created or the 1,000+ HR, finance, supply chain, and other customizable reports that come with Orbit.

Who Does Orbit Help?

Click on the links below to learn how Orbit can help business users across Finance, HR, and Supply Chain functional areas:

Finance Teams

HR Teams

Supply Chain Teams

“We are very pleased with the high performance capabilities of Polaris Reporting Workbench. The Iron Bow users are currently running over 10,000 reports per day with continuous ease.”

Ray Harris  |  CIO
Iron Bow Technologies, Chantilly, Virginia