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ORBIT Analytics was founded by a group of IT executives with over 80 years of combined experience in ERP Reporting Applications and Business Intelligence. They noticed that the old business intelligence products were designed around the need of IT developers, who would then build analytics for end users. As a result, users were only getting answers that could be obtained from the reports their IT developers were handing them. This group realized business questions can’t be adequately answered unless companies have a solution that considers all sources of data and presents the answers in a manner suitable to the needs of the person consuming the information.

To meet the needs of business users, the executives assembled a core team of senior architects to build ORBIT (Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence Technology) a smarter solution that is scalable to meet the business needs of a wide range of companies. At ORBIT Analytics, we believe users should be able to interact with data to get the insights they need, while working within the governance rules established by the IT organization.

What We Do

At ORBIT Analytics, our internal mantra is “Powered by knowledge, Driven by values” for a reason. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our company ethos, and our team is passionate about delivering solutions our customers love. ORBIT delivers an integrated Operational Reporting and BI Tool with an intuitive interface that results in high user adoption. Using ORBIT, our customers are able to obtain answers from any application, any data source, and on any device. Our solution delivers pre-built analytics to jump start implementations and immediately deliver important insight to executives and business users. ORBIT’s scalability from an in-house analytics platform to a cloud based analytics solution provides a range of options to our customers to deploy an optimal business analytics solution.

Who Our Employees Are

Our employees are committed to providing powerful results that help improve our clients’ overall success, and they accomplish this through strong collaboration and knowledge sharing. Many of our employees attend industry tradeshows and present at conferences, interacting with customers and listening to the real world problems they expect to solve using our business software.

But our employees are much more than their roles at ORBIT Analytics.

The people who make up our team take the time to pursue their own passions that range from music to hiking to participating in international charities. Our employees have run marathons, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, are fluent in over a dozen languages from around the world, and continue to achieve extraordinary successes that help them grow both personally and professionally.

Where We’re Headed

ORBIT Analytics has grown substantially in the United States and across other countries with no sign of stopping. We have grown exponentially in Asia Pacific and Australia, and we are proud to work with a great team of partners in many countries who have helped accelerate our growth.

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