Business Intelligence On-Demand. When and Where You Need It.


Business intelligence is the solution agile businesses like yours need to eliminate inefficiencies and steer your company in the right direction. Business intelligence takes out the guesswork by letting you combine various datasets and analyze information from different applications, so you can share valuable insights that contribute to actionable intelligence while eliminating the uncertainty with guesswork.

With ORBIT Cloud, you can store, manage, and share your data anywhere, anytime you want through interactive dashboards on the Cloud.

Data Security: Share Your Business Insights with the Right People

Data is critical to your business success. So why settle for a platform that doesn’t make your data security the number one priority? Our seamless interface allows you to:

  • Publish your insights instantaneously with public and corporate users.
  • Permit only authorized personnel to access, edit, and share your data and dashboards.
  • Manage data you don’t want others to see with our private option on the Cloud.

With our business intelligence platform, all of your analytics and insights remain safely at your fingertips, and your fingertips, alone.

Smarter Business Intelligence at an Affordable Price

Your time and money are valuable, which means you can’t afford to waste precious hours each day sifting through volumes of data and reports to find the insights you need to communicate to your company. With our affordable real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities, you get quick insights into your business performance at a rate that won’t eat up your budget.

Features for ORBIT Cloud

Seamless Mobile Integration

Sometimes you need to make quick business decisions without being tied down to your computer all day. When your dashboards live on the Cloud, you can easily access your key business metrics, as well as view and edit your dashboards, on any mobile device from wherever you are. Our mobile integration provides the speed and flexibility needed to access critical business information on the go.

Remarkable Data Visualization

Numbers and data alone don’t always tell the stories you need to share across your organization. Our platform lets you create compelling, interactive visualizations that provide your colleagues with the clarity and understanding they’re looking for. To get started, all you have to do is upload your data and pick the metrics and information you want for your visuals. With the ability to review your data and create interactive visualizations at the same time, you can create stunningly clear stories from your analytics.

Automatic Updates

It’s hard to stay ahead when running yesterday’s technology. With ORBIT Cloud, there’s no need for manual updates and patching. Our platform has the latest technology built right in, which means you get the most up-to-date features automatically without any trouble or delay.