Transform Your Application with Embedded Business Intelligence


Software applications provide all the data required the data your customers want, but not always the reporting and analytics needed to pull useful insights. Embedding ORBIT Analytics offers the full power of a business intelligence platform for exceptional reporting capabilities with the same look and feel as your current application.

Bottom line: Your customers enjoy dashboard features, visualizations, and receive a top notch user experience without even knowing it’s powered by an embedded application!

Add the Power of ORBIT Analytics to Your Software

Dashboards and Data Visualizations

ORBIT’s dashboards and data visualizations make your application even more powerful than before. Data analysis and visuals like charts and maps make sense of the information for more strategic business decisions.

Effortless Integration and Support

Our team works with you to embed ORBIT Analytics, making for a seamless, pain-free integration. Once deployed, the integration adopts your application’s look and feel for an improved user experience.

Intuitive User Interface

ORBIT offers a drag-and-drop, customizable user interface to easily develop operational reporting and insights that can be shared across the organization for deeper business impact.