A Smarter Approach to Business Intelligence


Many organizations are still relying on incomplete facts when making strategic business decisions. Companies that do use analytics, often struggle to obtain insights when the data comes from multiple applications or data sources.

ORBIT Enterprise is the full-featured deployment of ORBIT Analytics. With ORBIT Enterprise, you can utilize your existing IT infrastructure to combine information from​ multiple in-house or Cloud based applications to build meaningful reports, dashboards, and visualizations in minutes.

Self Service Reporting with Strong IT Governance

ORBIT Analytics empowers users and business analysts to create and run reports while utilizing a strong governance framework established by the IT organization. This optimal balance of flexibility and security is achieved using ORBIT’s well defined administration processes.

Designed With End Users In Mind

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, ORBIT Analytics is robust, but easy to use solution. Whether you are an executive, analyst, or a regular dashboard user, our solution doesn’t require is easy to learn training and requires minimal or additional IT support. Get your analytics on-demand when you want them, and share your insights with other users to help streamline your business operations.

Encourage User Accountability

ORBIT Enterprise enables users to ask questions, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence. Empower employees to use these insights to improve processes and procedures to proactively support corporate initiatives and meet business goals.

Maximize Performance

With ORBIT Enterprise, your team can securely build and deploy interactive dashboards. Answer questions quickly – without waiting for additional information from other teams or departments. Start solving problems sooner and recognize trends and patterns with ease.