Create Pixel Perfect Reports in Just a Few Clicks

Reporting and Publishing

With Orbit Reporting and Analytics, you can output your data any way you like. Design templates – such as invoices or purchase orders – in Word or Excel. Then, drop your data directly into attractive documents that are ideal for printing and sharing.

Your company contains mountains of data.

But how can you turn this data into something that is useful for your co-workers, partners, and customers? While your CFO may find dense spreadsheets with columns of numbers useful, your customers may want their data presented with a bit more style.

Orbit Reporting and Analytics offers pixel perfect reporting. This allows you to take your raw data and convert it into professional business documents that you can share with others – including invoices, checks, and purchase orders.

Simply use your favorite office tools, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, to layout your design and input your data. Then, output your files to Excel, HTML, or a PDF for easy distribution and volume printing.

Create Stunning Business Documents

Orbit gives you complete control over how your document looks – from where you place your logo to your fonts. Here are just a few areas where you can control your output:

Place your logo at the top of a letter, drop in your signature, add photos, and more. Pixel perfect reporting ensures that your recipients will see the exact same thing that you see when you design your document.
Many server-generated reports have limited design options, so the fonts required by your brand guidelines might not print. With pixel perfect reporting, you can use your preferred fonts and rest assured that they will print.
Pixel perfect reporting allows you to preview your documents, so you won’t see an unpleasant surprise after you run 1,000 copies. You can control your margins, page breaks, and other design elements. You can also output reports to different paper sizes, depending on your needs.

Pixel Perfect Reports in Excel

With Orbit, you can use data from spreadsheet cells to create pixel perfect reports. For example, you can pull in columns that contain customer names and addresses when you run invoices.

You can also aggregate data from multiple sources, such as your ERP and CRM. Orbit allows you to design crosstab reports – using data from multiple reports in a single Excel sheet.

From your Excel reports, you can drill down directly to a PDF, as seen in the image below.

Pixel Perfect Reports in Word

Orbit makes it easy for you to design reports in Word. Simply use banded rows to arrange your data and create highly-structured, printable files.

As with Excel, you can pull information from across your company and create a single report from multiple data sources.