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ORBIT Integration With ERP Applications

Pre-Built Integrations

In order to get the necessary insights to impact overall business performance, a powerful reporting solution that integrates with your ERP application is crucial. ORBIT comes with pre-built integrators for several applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Fusion, Taleo, and Salesforce.


Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

ORBIT for Oracle E-Business Suite is a powerful and robust reporting and analytical solution that creates simple to complex reports and dashboards for any organization. ORBIT offers a powerful ad hoc reporting and analysis functionality and seamlessly integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite applications, leveraging the same security and authentication for safe and easy use. Additionally, it provides superior data visualization for a full, detailed picture of your data in real-time.

ORBIT empowers Oracle E-Business Suite users with self-service reporting capabilities resulting in higher user satisfaction and lowered IT costs. ORBIT delivers real-time operational reporting, dashboards, and ad hoc inquiry capabilities, all in an architecturally integrated business intelligence package.

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PeopleSoft Integration

Reporting is essential for all PeopleSoft systems. Over ninety percent of end-user reporting needs include ad hoc analysis, report customization, and a faster and easier way to create reports. Here is the problem – PeopleSoft does not provide a reporting solution for its business users. The reports currently provided by PeopleSoft are of limited value because they are inflexible and are not linked to the lowest level details users need.

ORBIT for PeopleSoft enables users to unlock the full value of their data. This 100% web-based solution generates reports that support the all data sources, uses the same PeopleSoft security for peace of mind, and integrates with Microsoft Office Excel, including support for native document and presentation formats, formulas, charts, macros, data refreshes, and pivot tables.

ORBIT’s report canvas offers drag and drop item rearrangement, codeless data binding, a developer-friendly environment, and many other features. Users have the ability to create and analyze interactive ad hoc reports to obtain the necessary business insights. All reports are then stored in a repository, so they can be shared among users whenever they are needed.
Learn more about how ORBIT Analytics and Reporting for PeopleSoft can help businesses fully leverage their data.

Reporting Workbench Discoverer Migration PeopleSoft Solution Overview

Taleo Analytics Integration

Talent Analytics provide insights into the largest expense and asset of an organization: its employees. It provides business managers with detailed performance management and tracks skills, experience, performance, and career objectives to assign roles in which they will succeed and retain top performers for better business outcomes.

With ORBIT, users can develop custom, in-depth reports for their unique organizational needs. Pre-defined logical and business models make it easy to select the data users want to view and build reports, without asking IT for help. ORBIT’s key features include pre-built business models, ad hoc reports, and dashboards, interactive logical and business modeling, advanced analytics to discover patterns and trends, report bursting, and more.

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Looking to create interactive dashboards to measure your business’ sales and marketing efforts beyond what’s available in Salesforce? ORBIT Analytics’ pre-built integration with provides users with an enhanced ability to improve sales performance by studying key performance indicators like opportunities, campaigns, leads and deals won/lost. ORBIT Analytics can easily “mash” your Salesforce data with your existing ERP and Cloud applications data, providing a complete analysis of your business. Choose from a variety of dashboards and enhanced visualizations like charts, gauges, sliders, and maps. These visualizations empower users to click into the graphs, all the way to lowest level of detail in order to pull out the insights needed to make impactful business decisions. The intuitive drag and drop user experience allows users to easily navigate, develop, and find business answers without IT involvement.

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With ORBIT, users can synthesize and align data into insightful answers to increase profitability and transparency while reducing costs and risks. From human resources, financial management, or supply chain management, ORBIT’s friendly user interface guides development of personalized analytics to meet any business need.

Reporting Workbench Discoverer Migration ORBIT Analytics Solution Overview

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HR Analytics

ORBIT goes beyond gathering data on employee efficiency to provide insight into recruitment and retention processes. With simple insights, like head count, to complex predictive analytics, including which high value employees are likely to leave, ORBIT works to increase profitability and reduce costs and risks.

Reporting Workbench Discoverer MigrationORBIT HR Analytics Solution Overview

Financial Analytics

ORBIT offers analytics to improve overall financial management of any organization. Our solution allows users to easily pull out insights from customizable financials dashboards and take immediate action. ORBIT helps companies quickly and securely leverage their financial information to make better business decisions.

Supply Chain Analytics

ORBIT provides the supply chain analytics customized for any organization to uncover important insights that inform decision making. Our real-time operational intelligence reports provide information quickly and securely, so supply chain companies have the ability to spot potential problems and make real-time adjustments. With this performance-driven approach, users can track the most profitable products and operational performance while identifying potential quality or production issues before they become problems.