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WHITE PAPER : Top 5 Business Intelligence and Reporting Trends

As data analytics are being recognized as a central component of business operations, organizations are under increasing pressure to keep pace with the evolution of business intelligence and operational reporting tools. To do so, they’ll need to chart the technology’s trajectory so they can understand where it is and where it is going. This will keep them aware of what BI and reporting features are necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition.

This white paper assesses the top five BI and reporting trends of our time, and discusses how to capitalize on each…access the white paper now.

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WHITE PAPER: Replacing Discoverer in Oracle E-Business Suite and Custom Applications

Many organizations around the world have implemented Oracle Discoverer as part of their ERP application implementation. However, Oracle has recently announced the end date for support of Oracle Discoverer. This white paper will address the pro’s and con’s of Discoverer, followed by some important tools in the Oracle space, and the migration process for Oracle Discoverer reports from Oracle E-Business Suite and Custom Applications towards a new technology.

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E-BOOK: Best Practices for​ ​Discoverer Migration​ & Replacement​

The deadline for Discoverer’s end of life has passed. The time to begin migrating reports and locking down a Discoverer replacement solution could not be better.

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WHITE PAPER: BI for Business Users

Business Intelligence for business users should be simple. This white paper will provide an overview of BI technology and how it can be utilized productively across the lines of business.

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GUIDE: Replacing Discoverer in Oracle E-Business Suite & Custom Database Applications

Changing your reporting solution isn’t an easy decision. If your business is still using Discoverer, here is why you need to migrate…

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WHITE PAPER: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Current Oracle E-Business Suite Applications

If you’re hoping to maintain your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite, learn how adding ORBIT Analytics to your existing Oracle EBS application environment can improve your organization’s operational and analytical reporting while increasing company efficiency.

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