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Self-Service Operational and Ad-Hoc Reporting

Orbit Reporting Solutions

With Orbit Reporting and Analytics, you don’t need an IT background to gain data-driven insights. Orbit puts the full power of operational and ad-hoc reporting in your hands. Run any report, at any time, and from any device.

The amount of data in your company is growing exponentially.

The average large enterprise uses at least 10 data sources to support its typical operational decision-making. Meanwhile, 18% of enterprises use more than 20 internal and external data sources. And this number is expected to continue to increase.

With so much data coming from so many data sources, it’s hard to find the nuggets that will help you boost your efficiencies, identify opportunities, and drive revenue. You likely collect data from a variety of on-premise and cloud sources, such as your financial accounting, supply chain, HR, and other business systems. If you are not able to obtain a unified view of the data from these various sources, you will face challenges when making informed, data-driven decisions.

Many reporting tools claim to solve these problems. However, they are often extremely complicated and difficult to utilize. Business users often need to put in a request with IT every time they need a report. This is not only time-consuming for IT, but it slows down business productivity and creates obstacles to making timely, smart business decisions.

According to industry research, for a typical Fortune 1,000 company, just a 10% increase in data accessibility results in more than $65 million additional net income.

Orbit empowers you with true self-service reporting. Unlike most reporting solutions, Orbit allows you to run both operational and ad-hoc reports on demand.

Operational Reporting

Your reporting solution must keep pace with your operations.

Orbit’s operational reports allow you to monitor your business metrics and KPIs in real time. Since Orbit can connect with all of your on-premise and cloud applications, you can stay on top of every area of your business and easily track whether or not you are hitting your targets.

With Orbit, you can:

  • View your operational reports in any output format – including tables, pivots, spreadsheets, charts, maps, graphs, and other visualizations.
  • Drill down from the summary to the lowest level of detail in any report.
  • Gain operational insights on-demand. Orbit’s drag-and-drop interface makes building reports and dashboards effortless.
  • Never overlook important data. Run a report in real-time or use a scheduler that allows you to run reports based on a pre-defined frequency, such as a specific day of the week, time of the day, or the last day of the month.
  • Share your reports with other team members to improve collaboration and make faster decisions.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

About 90% of business reporting needs are ad-hoc.

But most reporting tools don’t allow for self-service, ad-hoc reporting. This places a huge burden on IT departments, as they must create new reports every time a business user has a question. And in turn, this negatively affects the continuity of your business operations.

Orbit empowers business users to run ad-hoc reports – at any time and from any device. Orbit’s user-friendly interface allows you to:


  • Easily get answers to your questions. Orbit automatically applies security rules so users only see data that they are authorized to see.
  • Create and analyze ad-hoc reports. The reports can range from Excel tables to interactive visualizations, such as dashboards, charts, and maps.
  • Click any report and visual to drill down for deeper insights.
  • Free up time for other important work, as you can get the data that you need to make decisions at the moment.
  • Enhance query performance. Most tools include every table from the underlying database view in the query, even if there’s no column required for one or more tables in the report. However, Orbit’s intelligent query generator dynamically includes only the tables that you need for your ad-hoc analysis. This improves the query performance significantly.

Access All of Your Data in a Single Location

Orbit integrates with more than 200 data sources, including:

  • ERP applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and other leading systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Cloud applications, such as Fusion Cloud, Taleo, Salesforce, and more.

You can create operational and ad-hoc reports that use data from both on premise and cloud applications – gaining more complete answers to your questions.

Drive More Value from Your Data

Orbit offers a range of reporting capabilities that help you create reports, spot trends, identify opportunities, and make data-guided decisions with confidence:

Orbit makes it easy for you to create interactive charts – from simple tables to complex visualizations. You can click any chart to drill down for more in-depth information.
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Reporting Dashboards
Orbit brings all of your company’s data together in clear, interactive dashboards. With Orbit dashboards, you can get a quick snapshot of your operations or drill down for granular detail. It takes less than 5 minutes to build high quality, interactive dashboards in Orbit.
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Orbit Excel Edge
Excel Edge is an extension of Orbit. It enables users to run one or more Orbit reports directly in Excel. The extension requires users to authenticate themselves before they can view any data, ensuring complete compliance with your company’s security policies.
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Financial Statement Generator
Orbit includes a user-friendly Financial Statement Generator. It syncs with general ledger and subledger applications, so you can produce interactive financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and other corporate financial statements.
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Pixel Perfect Reporting
Take raw data from one or more application and convert it into professional business documents that you can share with others – such as purchase orders, invoices, and other correspondence.
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Mobile Reporting
Access your reports from any mobile device. Orbit’s app is certified by both iOS and Android. This gives you the security, speed, and flexibility you need to get things done – whether you’re in the office or on the road.
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Maintain Strict Control Over Your Data Security and Governance

You don’t need to sacrifice your security to give users self-service reporting. Orbit leverages your existing security policies, procedures, and authentication profiles. For example, users need to log into Orbit using their ERP role-based credentials or user profiles that you create directly in Orbit. This prevents users from seeing data that falls outside of their role. Learn more about Orbit’s data security and governance ›

“ORBIT has made our lives easier. It’s very easy to use, manage and support. Our development time for creating reports has decreased dramatically. My business users are happy because they can use the tool themselves and get their reports quickly.”

NAMITA JINDAL  |  Senior IT Application Delivery Manager
Intelligrated Systems – A Honeywell Company