White Paper

How to Enhance
Reporting & Analytics Capabilities
in Oracle EBS

Are you torn between the convenience of self-service reporting and concerns with data security? Now you don’t have to choose.

Like many in IT, you may be struggling to keep up with the on-going demand for report creation across business functional areas. If your existing tools are overly complicated and inflexible, most internal departments rely on you to generate operational and ad hoc reports — quickly and efficiently.

Wouldn’t it be great if functional users had the ability to pull data from your Oracle EBS systems and other business applications, to develop (and revise) their own reports? And make this happen without jeopardizing data governance and security? If you’re hoping to lighten your report creation load and empower end-users, without putting data security at risk, download the white paper to learn how you can improve your organization’s operational and analytical reporting capabilities and efficiencies.

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