PeopleSoft Integration

Unlock the Full Value of Your PeopleSoft Data

PeopleSoft Integration

PeopleSoft LogoOrbit Reporting and Analytics gives you a faster, easier way to create PeopleSoft reports.

You rely on reporting to gain a clear picture of your operations. Unfortunately, many business users don’t find PeopleSoft’s reporting solution to be the self-service tool that they need. It is often challenging to leverage the important data in your PeopleSoft systems to create customized reports, do ad-hoc analysis, drill down to detailed data, or modify reports quickly and easily – without relying on IT.

And tools such as PS Query, Nvision, SQR, and BI Publisher have their own limitations. They often require you to seek technical assistance every time you want to develop or edit a report.

But you can’t afford to wait days – or weeks – for IT to get back to you when you need immediate answers.

Orbit is a self-service reporting solution for PeopleSoft that allows you to:

Create Ad-Hoc Reports in Just Minutes

If you have a question, Orbit can help you find an answer now. Run ad-hoc reports directly from PeopleSoft – no IT expertise required. Orbit offers:

  • The ability to create, customize, and analyze PeopleSoft ad-hoc reports. These reports can include human capital management, financial management, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, and more.
  • A report canvas with drag and drop item rearrangement, codeless data binding, and other tools that help you quicklycreate reports based on your ERP data.
  • A developer-friendly environment for creating and editing interactive, ad-hoc reports. Orbit stores all of your reports in an accessible repository, so you can easily share your PeopleSoft data with others.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel, including support for native document and presentation formats, formulas, charts, macros, data refreshes, and pivot tables.

Keep Your Data Secure

Orbit leverages the same security and authentication rules as PeopleSoft. If someone wants to view your PeopleSoft data, they must first login under their assigned role. This ensures that people will only see the data that they are allowed to see based on their security privileges. In addition, with Orbit gives you row level security, which prevents users from accessing data that they are not authorized to view.